Grayscale October 30 - November 30, 2013
Opening Reception: November 1

The world is a colorful place. Despite this, photographers often choose to excise color from the world they capture. Artists working in black and white eliminate the complexities of color to accentuate form, composition, and lighting. The world desaturated is in some ways made more vivid. For Grayscale, The Kiernan gallery seeks photographs of any subject matter that use and celebrate the vibrancy of monochrome. 

About the Juror: 

Blue Mitchell is the Founding Editor of Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, an independent, reader and contributor supported annual that highlights and celebrates unconventional photographic processes and photo related artwork. In addition to organizing and curating physical exhibitions around the country, Mitchell curates Plates to Pixels, an online photographic gallery that bridges the gap between antiquated photographic processes and new digital media. He is a fine art photographer, educator, and graphic designer currently serving on the Board of Directors for Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. Mitchell also teaches classes at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft's studio school.


Juror's Statement:
It’s difficult to dictate in words, the depths of instinct needed to jury a show with so many exceptional entries. This was one of the more open-ended themes I’ve had the honor to jury. Considering the elite number of images possible to exhibit in the gallery it made the selection process a formidable challenge. The entries were fantastic in so many ways. I vacillated from one image to the next, questioning which ones were staying with me the longest over time - which ones made a long term impression? Because of this process I was forced to need an extension of time for the jury process. Even images that did not make it into the final cut have also affected me in this way. I could only be satisfied with the selections knowing that it was impossible for me to include all the work I found compelling. Instead I focused on the individual quality of each image keeping in mind the merits of good tonal range, contrast, formal dynamics, intrigue and lastly, the challenge of visually interpreting the world in monochrome.

In the end I selected a group of images that spoke to me not only as strong individual images but also as a diverse exhibit featuring all styles and formats of grayscale. I thank both the artists who submitted and The Kiernan Gallery for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to this show as a curator as well as providing inspiration for myself, the photographer.



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