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In the Abstract

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In the Abstract, April 30 - May 31, 2014
Opening Reception: May 2

Abstract photography explores color, movement, form, and other intangibles that are not dependent on a recognizable subject. The medium of photography has a unique ability to reproduce with precision and clarity, the world as we see it. Abstract photography deconstructs our world, resulting in new and surprising interpretations. Graphic elements without context, long exposures, blurred subjects, and extreme close-ups are a few of the ways that photographers manipulate their subjects in an abstract manner. These works are limited only by imagination. For In the Abstract, The Kiernan Gallery seeks non-representational imagery that partially or fully obscures the recognizable world.

About the Juror: 

Susan Spiritus is the Owner of Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California. Founded in 1976, the gallery was Orange County's first commercial venue dedicated exclusively to contemporary fine art photography. For its first 20 years the gallery mounted monthly solo exhibitions and summer thematic group shows. In 1996 the gallery moved and elected to function as a private dealer and consultant. the Susan Spiritus Gallery remains focused to its commitment to feature and support the works of mid career and emerging artists. 

Juror's Statement:

When Kat Kiernan asked if I was interested in jurying the submissions to the competition, In the Abstract that was being sponsored by her gallery, I agreed immediately to serve as the juror. When the deadline for entries was reached and the tally was counted, Kat reported to me that this submission had the largest number of submissions ever! Wow, I had my work cut out for me.

Serving as a juror is never easy, but it is a marvelous way to see new work. In addition, it’s time consuming, thought provoking and very subjective! I never thought it would be easy, but rather a challenge that I looked forward to tackling – in that the word itself, abstract, has so many different meanings, one that is different to everyone who thinks about it.

Thus, I began to think about what abstract means to me.  In the grand scheme I think abstract is about forms, colors, textures and shapes. I do not see it as having anything recognizable within it  -- from objects to figures. I see it offering few clues as to what and where. I hope and want to be able to use my imagination when I see abstract art and wonder about it. I don’t need to know what it is or where it is. My vivid imagination will take me there. I also would like it to be a visual symphony for my eyes.

With those thoughts as my parameters, I began to review the submissions to In the Abstract with hopes to select 25 selections for the gallery exhibition and 35 selections for the on-line exhibition.  In fact, I was successful and have reviewed my choices several times and really like those that I have selected!  In the days to come, I hope to learn the names of those individuals who submitted images and look forward to seeing the installation shots of the gallery once the show has been mounted. Thank you all for submitting your work.

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