Methods (Alternative)

Methods (Alternative) January 30 - February 23

Alternative process photography today is a hybrid of historical techniques and contemporary ideas. Old is new again and the resurgence of non-silver processes has led to The Kiernan Gallery’s second alternative process exhibition. Whether it is in reaction to digital, or a hybrid process aided by the technology, these techniques remain as evocative as ever, bringing a unique style to present-day ideas. For Methods (Alternative), The Kiernan Gallery seeks images that use any alternative processing technique for any idea you wish to express.

About the Juror:

Christopher James is an internationally known artist and photographer whose paintings and alternative process images have been exhibited in galleries and museums in this country and abroad. His work has been published and shown extensively, including shows in The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The George Eastman House, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The first edition of his book, The Book of Alternative Photographic Process, received unprecedented critical acclaim and was the winner of The Golden Light Technical Book of the Year award. In 2008, a greatly expanded, and lavishly illustrated 2nd edition was published by Delmar Cengage and has become universally recognized as the definitive text in the genre.  A 3rd edition is currently underway and will be published in 2013.  Christopher, after 13 years at Harvard University, is currently University Professor, and Director of the MFA in Photography program at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.

Juror's Statement: 

First of all, congratulations to all of you for submitting such a significant selection of work to jury… and for making my task both complicated and fun. I really love seeing such an innovative collection representing the best of what is being made in the genre of alternative image making. I also want to thank Kat Kiernan for being such a curatorial leader in the promotion of not only alternative process photography but “the new photography” … image making that is predicated upon the philosophy that photography is no longer a single entity medium but is unique, among the visual arts, in its ability to successfully merge new technologies and traditional influences with personal, hand-made, artistic production. Photography is now, more than any other form of visual expression, an ideal nexus of art and culture.

I had a great time constructing a 30-piece gallery exhibition, and 40- piece on-line exhibition out of over 500 images that were submitted for this year’s competition. I want to add that like all juried exhibitions, the selection of work is only a representation of the juror’s personal preferences on a few days in December and not in any way a definitive critique on the merits and artistic qualities of the images submitted. It is certainly not the rendering of judgment on the artists who put themselves, and their work, on the line and I sincerely hope that you submit again in the future. Good luck to all, happy new year, and thanks for the opportunity to see such great work.

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