Spring Featured Artist 2014: Lynsey Nelson

Nelson card.jpg

On View

April 2 - 26 2014
Opening Reception: April 4

About the Artist:

Lynsey Nelson discovered art at a very young age growing up in the Monterey Bay area of California. As a child she grew up painting pictures and taking artistic photographs in Santa Cruz for which she won awards and recognition.  Growing up she traveled over the world with her family continuously to exploring her interest in art. Throughout her high school years, she continued to take photography classes which enhanced her interest in the art field. After graduating high school, she moved to Reno, Nevada in 2005 to continue her education at the University of Nevada, Reno studying Photography and Journalism.  While attending UNR initially her artistic focus was on fine art photography.  During the last years of undergraduate school she took a printmaking class and immediately fell in love with the art form. The medium became a perfect fit for her artistic endeavors.  Even after she graduated with a Bachelors of Art in 2010 she has continued to take printmaking classes focusing on relief and intaglio printmaking.


Artist Statement:

While my main focus is in relief, my love of portraiture remains from my practices in photography. This transition helped mold how my work in relief has grown. Though many of my portraits can be considered dark and scary, I do not want the viewer to be overwhelmed by something they might be uncomfortable with or even considered gory but instead look into the subject’s and maybe see a little bit of themselves or see some hidden secret that might be lurking beneath the surface.