Voyages, December 4 - 28, 2013
Opening Reception: December 7

For many, the spirit of adventure plays an enormous role in their passion for photography. Whether travelling within your native land or abroad, leaving home with a camera puts a more critical set of eyes on our surroundings. Photographs of exotic landscapes and cultures, and the people and places encountered along the way broaden our understanding of the world we live in. For Voyages, The Kiernan Gallery seeks images of your explorations away from home.   

About the Juror: 

Christy Karpinski is the founder and editor of F-Stop Magazine, an online photography magazine that promotes contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers from around the world with the intent to inspire and support a community of artists.  Christy has an MFA in photography as well as background in Women’s Studies and Sociology.  She teaches photography at Columbia College Chicago. 

Juror's Statement: 

“Voyage : a long journey to a distant or unknown place especially over water or through outer space” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

In looking through the photographs for this exhibition, I found a variety of interpretations depicting the idea of “voyages”. Some brought to mind a sense of wonder or exploration, some referred to internal journeys, while others presented scenes from a trip or voyage the photographer went on. I found it particularly interesting that so many submissions involved looking out over water or across an expanse of land -- are we present at the single step that starts the journey of a thousand miles, or deep within the middle of an endless trek?

In my selections I tried to capture this variety, this sense of adventure, of hope, of beginnings, and mystery. 






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